How It Works



A 2X3 Level 1 & Level 2 Unique Member 2 Member Each Spot Fills You Receive Payment Instant & Direct To Your BTC Wallet!  Reentries Happen Each Time When You Purchase Again & Again The Cycles Happen Over & Over!

=> You Earn 0.2028 BTC Each time You Cycle In a 2X3 But You  have to Activate { 0.0054 BTC Level 1 & 0.008BTC Level 2,  0.02 Level 3 } To Earn 0.2028 BTC!

    0.0054 need to start y ou will send payment to your sponsor and will refer 2 members like zarfund.  When your two members will send you payments Your Level 1 will expire after receive 0.0108 and you will need to upgrade level 1 and level 2 both now you will receive Payments again to level 1 and also on level 2, It will repeat again and again when you receive first time level 2  Max Payments you need to upgrade level 3 too. Now you need to be upgraded on level 1, 2 , 3 , because you will receive payments in all levels over and over. 

No Time Limit Expiry,  
Level will Expire when you will receive max Payments

What is Max Payments ?

Level 1        2 Payments
Level 2        4 Payments
Level 3        8 Payments

Everybody Gets a Chance To cycle Including People Who Cant Recruit!

Only BTC Accepted!